Chat system in Duel servers

  • Good Day,

    I just want to make sure that the developers are aware that the chat system keeps cutting out in the Duel servers when the following happens:

    -The “join lobby” screen appears after a fight.
    -Entering a fight while being in the lobby.

    There could be others but these 2 are the ones that constantly bother me. If for example I just got killed and want to say something like “hey nice hit sir” I’ll most likely have “hey n-” typed out and then I’ll be stuck in the sort of ghost chat that i cannot see, unable to use my mouse to click the “join lobby” button on the screen that just appeared. (Then I have to wait for the countdown…)

    I hope the chat could be made smoother for duel servers because this becomes annoying quick.

    I would appreciate if others could confirm that this not only happens to me.

    Thank you.


  • Yeah they are aware of this… and oh how annoying it is!

  • Can you press ESC to cancel the chat and the menu comes up?

  • @Dr:

    Can you press ESC to cancel the chat and the menu comes up?

    It doesn’t work. What actually happens is the menu comes up on top of the chat, and then you can’t do anything in neither of them, including pressing escape to close one.

  • Rage inducing. I simply don’t chat unless I’m actually in a duel now. Kinda counter-intuitive.

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