Siege tower for TO map

  • Object1: reach the strong wall by pushing siege tower.
    this will be an archer battle.

    Object2: open the gate from inside.
    attackers respawn from siege tower.

    Object3: vandalize the town inside the strong wall.
    kill citizens and burn the buildings. this would be like object1 in stonehill.

  • I miss those siege towers from AoC. I don’t see why they wouldn’t bring one over to Chiv in the future. But who knows.

  • I’d really like to see this.

    You could have slaves pulling the tower like the peasants in Stoneshill (and/or some oxen which could take a lot of arrows) which the attackers have to protect. This stops the attackers from hiding behind the tower and would make the first objective more fun.

  • Apparently the model for the siege tower is already in the game. Just not used. So I’ve heard.

  • viewtopic.php?f=8&t=9808 I’m mad at you guys for not posting on it. :mace: raaaaaaaaawr!

  • @lemonater47:

    Apparently the model for the siege tower is already in the game. Just not used. So I’ve heard.

    i heard /read the same 8-)

    i wonder why they did not use it yet

  • iiyBUxinSWA

    Yes please :D

  • Oh man I almost forgot about that awesome intro. Chiv needs this, with current graphics.

    Yes² for the siege tower. My most awesome AoC-moment is still when I managed to hit the moving siege tower top with a catapult shot, wiping out the entire enemy team.

    Do. Want.

    If I remember correctly, the objectvis of that map were

    • conquer the village
    • repair the bridge
    • push siege tower against the castle wall
    • enter the keep and slay the horses of the treasure cart

  • siege tower is a high light of medieval war.
    so, I’m sure devs will add it ;)

  • I can die a happy man when siege towers come to C:MW

    Nothing beats the moment the siege tower banks against the castle walls and the siege bridge drops and the attacks spill onto the battlements where the defenders try desperately to fend them off with firepots/billhooks/spears/projectiles.

    Mason’s seem like the side that would have the balls for a siege tower assault, bloody Mason Knights screaming as they lay their Bearded Axe into the defenders, while you see countless other Mason’s swiped from the bridge by Billhooks or arrows. And that glorious feeling when you manage to make a breakthrough onto the battlements and you are forced to wade through the dead that choke the rampart steps.

    Did I mention that I would really love a siege tower assault TO map? :P

  • It would fit the lore better if the agathians did the attacking part. Agatha was pretty easy to conquer for the masons. As most of the agathians were either in Tenosia or they surrendered, defected and died being stupid.

    Battlegrounds is the agathian capital. The masons own that.

    It could be a fort or town with a wall. And the agathians are retaking it.

    Though it could easily be the other way around. And it would be more fitting to burn and kill everybody.

    Though the agathians can too raze the place to the ground. It could be full of traitors.

    It was king Argon’s thirst for blood that started this war in the first place.

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