New gamemode: King ON the Hill

  • Okay, I’m not good with names, actually. Sue me.

    I really enjoy the King mechanic in Chivalry, with the objectives featuring them being very enjoyable and the reward loop for excelling being absolutely fantastic. That said, it always kind miffed me that there was only ever one king per game, and Malric and Argon never get to have a direct showdown. So… why not?

    The basis of this gametype would be King of the Hill, as you might have guessed - both teams battle for an objective and whoever holds it longer wins, but instead of finishing the map this leads to a second map stage. At that point, the top players on both teams respawn as Argon or Malric, and the goal for each team then becomes to slay the opposing king. Obviously there would be some benefit for victory in the first stage; my best thoughts on this matter involve creating a tougher king for the victorious side, or more advantageous terrain for the winners. I think this would also encourage crowned players to be more active and participate in winning the objective, which would be a plus too.

    I would encourage people to bring up any other thoughts about a “King vs. King” mode if one comes to mind, or to leave feedback on this one!

  • I think this would be a good idea. Always wanted to be the king :D

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