Graphics Downgrade Recently or Something?

  • Hey guys quick question here…
    I’ve played this game since it first came out. I’ve logged a decent amount of hours, 82 or so. Everything seemed great but I stopped playing about a month ago because I needed to take a break. I started playing again today and now the graphics in the game look horrible :o . I didn’t change anything; my graphics settings are still maxed out. The textures look horrible, everything is off, nothing is clear :x. Basically, WTF happened while I was gone lol and why is this happening? Any suggestions, advice, comments of clarity/insight will be greatly appreciated :D

  • Try deleting your Chivalry folder from Documents\My Games to reset video settings.

  • It actually seemed to go back to normal after like three times restarting it yesterday. No idea exactly what happened. I’ll take your advice if it happens again. Thanks dude

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