Please help me :( ???

  • Hello!

    I’ve played Age of Chivalry for 1 year now, and recently i’ve got this issue.

    When I get to the main menu everything is fine except when iI move my cursor the game freezes for like a millisecond, if I keep on moving the cursor the game freezes while i’m moving the cursor. It’s like this in-game too which makes the game unplayable.

    I also have this problem with Hidden and Battlegrounds 2. I think that this problem is related with source sdk based games

    Steam support refered me to this site instead of answering the question.

  • It sounds like you are losing your graphics card or your pc is over heating possibly and locking it. Is it only a problem with Steam games or any other graphic intensive programs that your PC is locking up? Open up the case and get a can of duster and blow it out. Also grab a program called PC Wizard 2012, it is free and it will tell you everything in you puter, it’s temps and the like. maybe you can see it overheating and locking up that way with the temps.

  • It’s only like this on source sdk mods. I have a laptop so I won’t risk breaking it by opening the back on it. I now that it isn’t overheating, I have program for that. I play games like Counter strike source, Battlefield bad company 2 and Wow without any lag.

  • I don’t know if you’ve tried this already, but have you validated its Steam files?

  • Shouldn’t reinstalling it fix that?

    It didn’t work ;(
    Fuck me! I haven’t played Aoc for 5 months now because of this f****ng issue.
    Please HELP! Doesn’t the Torn Banner Studios developers read the Aoc thread?

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