Weapons and rank all the time is reset
When you restart the game rank 5 always, even when you first start
Achiv on steam not work, or Fixed them or remove. With bugged achiv I will not play in your game. It’s so sad because game is cool

I´ve got the same problem! It´s pretty hard for me as a “normal” gamer to achieve k/d stats at 1:1. Therefore it´s VERY annoying to see my weaponexperience go back to it´s former stats. (BTW: Is it normal to start at lvl 5?)

The funny thing is, I didn´t look after it the day before yesterday - because it seemed to work and my already released weapons are ok - but since yesterday it doesn´t go any further!!! And my character lvl is still at 5 - my levelups are gone, too.

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