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Re: Chivalry 2 Idea Thread!

Here’s a novel concept, how about securing the game first from cheat engine…My first match 5 of us stabbing and slashing and shooting a single player that was on fire, and one by one he killed us all and continued to kill everyone without injury…He was never once injured or killed in the entire, very short game…It was my last. Lately you DEV’s just completely ignore the fact that these kids download a trainer before the game is done installing or hack it with cheat engine on the first load up. I wont buy the game, I saw enough…I deleted it as soon as it closed. Good luck…

Cheats are rare in Chivalry. All official servers are VAC secured so anyone using known cheats gets an automatic VAC ban after a random amount of time which normally takes a day or two.

If you are unlucky enough to find someone who is cheating, you can contact the admins and we’ll ban the cheater with good enough evidence. Give us their Steam ID so we can find them and get proof.