i was morning aiming it towards longer tactical, team play games with no respawns.
ive never been a fan of deathmatch, its just everyone plays this game way to un-caring about if they die or not

wouldnt it be fun to have knights line up with shields in a choke point with archers supporting, rarther than everyone just running around willy nilly, as they know oh well if i die i r/s in 6 seconds!

the “hard core mode” more refrains to that fact u dont respaw, which imo is the true meaning of “hardcore”, :P, when you die, you die.

the reason for increasing the HP was making it last longer, as obviously in a shieldwall ur going to get hit alot, and if people die in 2hits it wouldnt be as much fun :P, maybe not increasing health by 3 or 4x, maybe even keep it same as it is now.

just make it alot more skill based, rarther running in swinging which is what u see alot of in general play