If I knew how to take a screenshot, I’d demonstrate.

Print screen [PrtScn] or press F12 in-game for a Steam Screenshot.

Can’t you just count the numbers of each class? You can find a player’s class by looking at the small icon next to their name in the scoreboard. I can see them quite clearly. If this is too difficult, then I don’t know what you’re looking for.

I run dual monitors and full screen my games on my primary, which is what I think prevents my print screen key from working properly. It just comes back with a black primary monitor if the game itself doesn’t support PrtScr functionality (off the top of my head, Skyrim and Sins of a Solar Empire work with my PrtScr key).

The trouble is that it takes too much time to look at each icon and determine which class somebody is, because the icons aren’t easily distinguishable. You could miss a respawn timer - or worse, waste a life because you spent too much time looking at the scoreboard.


He’s talking about showing a summary like (now this is my interpretation so the hope is I’m not wrong and don’t come off like a tool, but meh);

Imagine half of the current scoreboard, the below row would sit at the top

Archer(s): 99 | Man at Arm(s): 5 | Knight(s): 6 | Vanguard(s): -3
rest of teams usual scoreboard

I see what Matti’s saying, the current system shows you what you’re looking for (it’s just not a one-glance thing).

I would prefer just more recognizable class icons, even just the class letters by them selves rather than that silly shield.

More recognizable class icons would be a great start - even just color coding them. Archers, red. Knights, purple. Vanguards, blue. Men at Arms, green. Or whatever.

Your example is pretty much what I was talking about. A summary up at the top that goes:

Archer - 2 Knight - 4
Vanguard - 3 Man-at-Arms - 12


I agree, a part of the scoreboard should show which team got how many of each class. Probably through class symbols and an attached number, but the current classsymbols are not easily recognizeable so we’d need new ones.
Still, they got a lot of work to do and this sounds like medium or low priority to me. At least, you can see what your own team has at one glance during class selection (‘m’).
On the other hand, medival knights didn’t have a scoreboard which showed them what the enemy got xD

It’s such a quick graphics/coding fix, though…. Color coding the class icons would take what, 30 minutes? Maybe 15!

They do have a lot of work to do, but they released quite a solid game from the start. And once you have a solid base, it’s all the little UI things that add or detract from the feel of the game so much more than major features of it.

Ideally, it would end up being color coded on each team list (as I rattled off above), and the same icons/colors would also be repeated either above or below the team list with totals.